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With expertise in building leading mobile apps, SA redefines the category of music apps.

Why Is It Special

Easy to use

No root required.

Beautiful theme design

We build pretty beautiful 11 themes for users.


60%、100%、160%、MAX volume to booster!

FREE for all medias🎢

Super Volume Booster for all music lovers and users who need super loud device voice! User-friendly, clean, neat, small and free! Try it and you would find what set the sound booster for android from other voice enhancer. Sound booster tool, default equalizer and 3D virtualizer effects bring you the best voice experience. Download Super Volume Booster for android and start to see a sound magic!





App Screenshots

App Screenshots

β€œ great app but . when you get down to it, there should be no need for this app because google and apple both should not put vol limits on our phones in first place !!! this app unlocks phone vol and sounds great the ads are a pain ! is this as loud as phone can go ? who knows but its way better the default vol of this cat s61 phone !!! im going to go try it on my kenwood system with some 10 inch piles ,it should 10 times better with this app ! thank you very much to who ever made this app! ”

first name

From Google Play Store Comment

β€œ Awesome this is a very cool app and also its just like any other social media so im am really digging this app 24/7 it's a great site to enjoy at any time you feel the need too.im actually thankful for a app like this one because you may come across a few but you'll have to pay not saying thats a bad thing but one other cool thing it's a free app and wonderful and make wonders thats the main reason i love this app this app is like something that comes before the music this app the truth!!!! ”

Emarld Brown

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β€œ I cant count how many apps that have failed miserably when it comes to speaken about what they being about but this sh!😳 right here this is the sh!😳 right here they brought it even without a bluetooth speaker i can get with it Amazing thank you!!!! Oh p.s. it would be really nice if you could add ...”

Sin Love

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β€œ Download It Now!!! Made my headphones literally 2-3x Times louder then they are normally? And I only have cheap as $40 gaming headphones at the moment, they're not as good as 5-$10 normal Earphones from Kmart or anywhere else so that says alot!! Highly recommended!!! ”

Jacob O'Brien

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With expertise in building leading mobile apps, SoulApps Studio redefines the category of music apps.